My Work Flow Style 

Currently I’m working for a fashion corporation, which means dressing in business casual is a must. I try my best to show my style in all of my fits and still keept professional. I love to accessorize with belts, jewelry and different hairstyles. Here are some of my looks for this work week. I know we are still in the summer season but here are some pre-fall season looks. Hope you Enjoy!

•Top 1 &2: Loft •Sweater: 1&2: Loft •Bag & Necklace Look 2: Aldo •Necklace •Look 1 & 3: J.crew •Belt 1&3: J.Crew •Dress: Deja Lu Boutique •Skirt: Loft  •Belt in Look 2:Banana Republic •Pant: Polo Ralph Lauren •Braclet: H&M •Look 1 Shoe: Polo Ralph Lauren •Look 2 Shoe: Nine West •Look 3 Shoe: Marshall’s 


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