This years VMAs was very interesting and controversy. A lot of shade was throw indirectly this year and many people are not head over heels for MTV. I’m choosing to focus on my favorite looks and my missing of the night. 

1. Kylie Jenner looked amazing in this Balmain Paris mini dress. I wish she tried something a bit different……I believe this was a common look for her.   I love the detail and color of this garment, this color seemed to be the look of the night. 

2. Nicki Minaj wore a beautiful dress by Labour Joisie, she reminded me of a golden goddess. But….her AZZ was extra extra big in this outfit, which took my attention off how beautiful she looked in the gown. The gown gives Nicki a very simple yet elegant look which she pulls of very well. 

3. Kim Kardashian’s dress by Balmain Paris was very interesting. I love the garment itself but on Prego Kim it wasn’t as flattering…..the pockets made her look bigger than what she already is. It just wasn’t the best choice she could of made. Dress is gorgeous regards.

To be Continued….



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