Outfit Of The Day 12/9/15

So I decided to start posting more pictures of myself and how I style myself on a day to day basis. My style has changed over the years but honestly working different jobs has in some ways hurt/helped my taste. I kind of sophisticated my look while still reminding youthful at the same time. When I shop I normally think of where I am going to wear this piece to. I work M-F 9- 6 pm…..so I try to make it easier on myself by purchasing items that I can rock both to work and during my personal time. Which I believe is good because I am saving money and still look stylish but I can’t rock a mini skirt and crop top to work. On the other hand I could rock a crop top and high waist pants to work though. 🙂

Today I went for a simple but edgy look since its Wednesday.

Top: Polo Ralph Lauren white tank

Jewelry: J.Crew Chain & Michael Kors Watch

Sweater: Urban Outfitters Silence + Noise

Jeans: Black Orchid

Boots: Frye engineer boots



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