1. Rihanna vs Solange in Fendi a shearling light pink mini bustier dress.

I love both these ladies in this Fendi shearling mini dress. Both had the idea of pairing fur accessories but I like this look on Solange better. I love how she is fully furred out, not to mention she is head to toe in Fendi. I love the mini fur clutch, the fur bracelet & the eye wear. I’m not a fan of these fur boots retailing at $1,450.00 but now on sale for $725.00……if interested.

What turns me a little off about Rihanna’s outfit is her white Stance socks, I love the socks but not with that outfit. I would have loves to see Rihanna throw that beautiful fur shawl over her shoulders. So reviewing these two I’ll have go with Solange as the one who rocked it best.

2. Bernice Burgos vs Angela Simmons in  Decordon blue lace scuba jumpsuit retailing at $298.

I love this jumper on both of these ladies but I would have to go with Angela Simmons. The reason why I picked Angela is because the fit looks better on her. I like that she also used a red lipstick to make the look pop. Angela looks sexy but also sophisticated in this piece.

Now Bernice looks a little slutty in this piece. I am not a fave of clothing that looks to tight and shows off your camo toe. Maybe if this jumper wasn’t as tight I would have picked Bernice because this does fit her curves nicely. Also all this boob action is doing a lot, but these two ladies are attending different events, so maybe Bernice event called for all her boobs to show.

3. Miss Nikki Baby vs. Kylie Jenner in Mistress Rocks mini brown suede long sleeve dress.

I actually like this dress paired with the thigh high black boots on Miss Nikki Baby. I also like the lay back casual look Kylie is giving me. I really don’t like Miss Nikki Baby’s shape in this dress it looks extremely fake. So I would have to go with Kylie, she looks more effortless and I also like how she styled her hair. I believe clothing should also fit a person well not just be styled right, this is why I went with Kylie.

4. Gigi Hadid vs Jennifer Lopez in Michael Kors sequined bell bottom jump suit.

Both ladies look gorgeous in this Michael Kors sequined bell bottom jump suit. This is a very hard choice to make…. I adore the thin belt JLo added and I also love Gigi’s golden loose waves. I also like Gigi’s natural make up over Jennifer’s darker eye shadow. What I don’t care for is Gig’s clutch & Jennifer’s bangles with this outfit. I would have to call this a tie, because both ladies did a great job rocking this piece.


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