On Sunday February 7th the  Super Bowl sparkled a lot of fire and people had a lot to say….mainly about the Halftime Show.  I wasn’t personal watching the Super Bowl for the game (which is the purpose) but for the halftime show. Which included Coldplay, Bruno Mars & Beyonce. This halftime show was all about showing America/ Americans what is going on in the world and how we need to come together once and for all to make a huge change. Clearly there is still a lot of hate going on in this world and celebrities are trying to make more of a movement about it. Coldplay showed his support to the LGBT community, & Beyonce made a stand for her black community. There was a lot of controversy surrounding Beyonce’s performance, some stated that her performance was an attack on police etc. First Beyonce dropped her single “Formation” on Saturday giving us a sneak peak at what would be in store for Sunday.  When Beyonce hit the stadium she came hard paying tribute to the King of Pop Micheal Jackson by wearing an ensemble of what he wore during his Super Bowl performance. Beyonce’s dancers came right up behind her dressed as Black Panthers rocking Afros and berets. It was also the 50th anniversary of the Black Panther movement which many people were unaware of. All Beyonce did was killed the stage and proudly raised the Black Power sign. So Americans weren’t too happy, but Beyonce was giving us a big message with her lyrics and performance BLACK LIVES MATTER. In the end the Superbowl halftime show was saved thanks to Queen Bey! Here are some great photos taken during the show  đź™‚ #BLACKLIVESMATTER


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