Bahamas 2016

This past week I took a Slaycation to the Bahamas for one of my best friends birthday. 5 days & 4 nights just wasn’t enough time. The weather was soooo amazing I didn’t want to come back to NYC. We stayed at the Atlantis which was my first time staying at a resort. I went to the casino and only spent $5…I won $2…LOL I wasn’t trying to lose any of my money. The water park was so much fun I felt like a little kid again….scraping up my elbows & knee. It was definitely worth it! The Bohemian people were so friendly & welcoming…..sometimes a little too friendly (If you get what i’m saying). The water was so clear NEVER seen water so blue! I seen all kinds of marine life while snorkeling…once I heard there was a stingray I WAS OUT OF THERE!!!!!! We partied it up on a cruise that took us around Paradise island…seeing all the extravagant mansions. This trip was so amazing!! Now back to working my 9-6 and blogging my life away. This trip gave me more motivation to travel the world and continue to grind so I that can enjoy my life. Hope you enjoy the pictures below of my SLAYCATION!





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