Vh1 Hip Hop Honors: ALL HAIL THE QUEENS !

This past Monday was Vh1’s Hip Hop Honors and this year they decided to honor all females. Lil Kim, Missy Elliot, Queen Latifah and Salt -n- Pepa ft. Spinderella. All of these females have paved the way for current female rappers. From uniqueness to style, these women influenced our Hip Hop culture.  It was truly an amazing night, full of great tributes inspirational speeches and also some WTF moments. Take a look at some of the looks on the carpet.


Lil Kim, Missy Elliot and Queen Latifah !!!!!!!!

Spinderella & Salt-n-Pepa

Eve in Michael Halper, Kelly Rowland in Elie Youssef, Lala in Versace

Chanel Iman, Ashanti, & Vashtie in Laquan Smith

Cardi B in These Pink Lips, Keke Palmer in Baja East  & Keyshia Cole in Ali Younes

This Baddie right here Teyana Taylor KILLEDDDDDD the Lil Kim tribute. She had so much energy, she really channeled Lil Kim Great Job!


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