October has come & gone so quick it’s NUTS ! Time is just passing right before our eyes, it will be 2017 in about 50 days, can you believe that! We have just a few more holiday celebrations left for this year so let us end it with a bang, shall we.

Halloween was this past weekend and all I can say is WOW! Tons of great costumes this year. Made me a tad bit jealous…but there’s always next year. The internet was buzzing with images from mini Beyonces’, to internet sensation “Joanne the Scammer,” the list goes on. Check out some of my favorite costumes this year.

My crew for the night! Alvin as an Native American, myself as a fury monster & Andre as a super model geisha.

Me as a “MONSTER” peep the hat I purchased from the Eminem & the Rihanna MONSTER tour. *Creative right*

Teyana Taylor gave me life with this “Joanne the scammer,” get up. 

Beyonce, Blue & Mama Tina killed this Salt N Pepa look!!! 

Karrueche Tran was spot on in as Laura Craft from Tomb Raider. 

Beyonce & Jay-z was the black Barbie & Ken. GOALS all over this! 

There was a whole lot of cuties as Rihanna! I found this one to be the best. 

Chris Brown’s daughter Royalty Brown was tooooooo cute as the late Selena!! 

Eniko Parrish Hart & her friends slay as “TLC” from their “No Scrub,” video. 

Last year we seen The Game dressed up as Jidenna. Now this year Jidenna returned the favor was was The Game this year. 

Don’t know who these two cuties are but they def killed this Michelle & Barrack Obama look!!! 

We all know about the Arthur memes!!!! LOL this costume WON Halloween!!!!!




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