Last week Thursday I went to check out an exhibit at FIT’s museum. I heard that FIT will be having a black fashion designers exhibit through so I had to check it out! If you’re in the New York City area this exhibit will be showing until mid May. This exhibit had designers from Tracy Reese, Laquan Smith, Shane Oliver, Jeffrey Holder to Patrick Kelly & Edward Wilkinson. Very interesting & timeless pieces! You must check out this history & culture.

2016 Trends

WHOA! Time really comes and pass just like that. 2016 is coming to an end and we’ve seen many fashionable trends. We seen lots of embroidery on denim, off the shoulder silhouettes perplex boots, Gucci logos everywhere, and the pajama street-wear craze. The real question is which trends will reoccur next year and what should stay in 2016? I vote those clear boots should stay in 201 6, those where one of the biggest trend that I loath. I can just imagine how sweaty your leg will be in those boots ! Below are some trends that I loved and hated this year.

Gucci, Gucci & more Gucci. Creative director Alessandro Michele sure did some amazing work this year by revamping the brand. Everyone and I mean everyone was seen rocking embroidered denim jeans and jackets by Gucci.

Next up is the infamous sexy lingerie trend. I would say Kim K is the leader of this trend, she was seen everywhere from the Givenchy fashion show in Paris to the corner store. Okay maybe not the corner store but you get my point. You name it she was somewhere causing a scene. I love this sexy look, I definitely want to see this in 2017.

The trend I hated the most was these clear perspex boots!!!!!!!!!!!!! Kim Kardashian made me hate these even more….The booties are okay but the boots…… does it feel to have your sweat trickling down to your calf?


One of my favorite trends was the off the shoulder look. I love the elegance that this silhouette gave every outfit. You can be rocking sneakers and still look like a Princess.  Only issue I had is when I had to raise up…..but how offered do we really need to go through that.

Rihanna Killed every off the shoulder look!!!! This is really My Bish!!!!!!!!!! Style Innovator!  Definitely want to see this trend in 2017.

Who doesn’t like a fashionable comfy look, I’ll take sweats over a tight dress any day. Love this look especially with heels!

Patches were very trendy this year. They were seen on shirts, bags, jackets You Name It *Shirley Cease voice* I love this trend! You can find some cool patches and DIY your favorite items.