My visit to New Orleans was much needed. This city is so beyond beautiful, I can actually see myself living in NOLA. I walked all over Magazine, Bourbon, Charters , & Decatur street.  This city had so much life on every corner, it was very hard not to lose track of time. The art was breath taking the people were so friendly and outgoing. The food was tasty (will be posting a full list of everything I consumed after this post). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit all of the museums that I wanted to due to time, but the street art that I ran into was amazing! NOLA is just an awesome place to relax and turn all the way up. I found so much peace in this gorgeous city. Check out some of my flicks below ❤

Jacob’s Pickles 

Jacob’s Pickles was unbelievably excellent !!! All I thought about the next morning was how much I wanted to eat my left overs, Fat girl problems or What?

As an appetizer, my table & I agreed on ordering the “Poutine.”I had no clue on what that consisted of, but I was open to try it. I can best describe “Poutine,” as a mountain load of French Fries.That melts in your mouth & was smothered in gravy & lots of cheese. For dinner I had the St. Louis Ribs. SOOOO, SOOOOO GOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!! My beef ribs were very tender & juicy. Falling all off the bone just how I love ’em. *I normally stick to pork ribs* The St. Louis Ribs were served with German styled creamy garlic flavor mash potatoes. As a consumed my delicious plate, I sipped on about three maybe four “Jam Jars,” which were sweet with a small sour kick.

You MUST try this place out if you haven’t all ready !! Enjoy !!

Track Pants Craze

Since when could you rock track pants to your corporate job??? Well now it’s totally okay! This street driven fashion trend is taking runways by storm. Comfort & style normally doesn’t always go hand & hand but when it happens it’s marvelous! Known as a gym must have, track pants have been around for decades, only change is the cut & styling. Every fashion house is creating track pants, and we the people are going head over heels for them. High end brands such as Gucci, Givenchy, 3.1 Philllip Lim & Chole have some great tracks pants out. So much to love about this old school classic gym style, turned into a cultivated trouser. How would you rock them? Stay tune for more post of this trend.


Over the weekend I traveled to the upper west sides’ famous “Flor De Mayo.” This is a well known Chino-Latino restaurant, one of the few remaining in NYC as I was told. An blend of Chinese, Peruvian, & Latino cuisine in one place, what more could you ask for ! The food was good but them drinks……….AH-MAZE-ING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Check it out they have two locations in the city.

Photo of Flor de Mayo - New York, NY, United States

SOCO Punch was everything I could ever ask for plus more!!! A little pricey but it was well worth it. Very tasty & yet still strong. My assumption is with about three of these you will be LITTTY!

Chicken & Broccoli with Garlic sauce.

A Great Lost for America………

This election will go down in America’s history for sure. I woke up today in a gloomy mood, no urge to go to work & pretend to be delightful. Donald Trump will be next President of the United States…….do I really want to say that out loud. It’s a grief-stricken fact that he will be in the White House in just a few weeks. How can anyone vote for a bigot, sexist, racist, homophobic dirty bastard like Donald Trump. We can’t even blame the individuals that didn’t vote because Hilary won the popular vote……the ELECTORAL COLLEGE wanted Trump so we got Trump.

“The Electoral College system was established to ensure regional balance,”….WHERE???

We have to always remind ourselves that we are Great no matter what is thrown at us. We have survived oppression in many forms before; slavery , police dogs, segregation, the prison system, and police brutally.  We are fighters this is what we do, we still live in a land where there is freedom of speech and we can create our own Dreams and turn them into realities. This too shall pass.


It's beyond satire': The Simpsons predicted Donald would become US President 16 years ago with an episode called Bart To The Future

230 Fifth & Tao Downtown

My fab 25th was on December 27th & my besties decided to surprise me & take me to 250 Fifth. I had no clue where I was going. Walking into the establishments I felt like I was inside of a hotel. The elevator had a vibrant violet light which caused for a perfect selfie moment. I’ve seen this place on Facebook & I was very pleased with the results. I kept it simple with a classic well done burger & it was to die for😋. The meat was very juicy & the brioche bun was nice & soft. I am reliving the moment as I type. The demeanor of the restaurant reminded me of the fancy nightclub, with abstract couches & high rise views. The seating arangments were very cool & unique. There was even heated igloos on the rooftop. I would defiantly go back to this restaurant.

I had my birthday dinner at Tao Downtown & it was very good ! At Tao I felt like I was at a very upscale club/restaurant. Loved the Asian sculptures and grand staircase. Everyone got the Pan Thai dish which had tofu & mushrooms in it. Surprisingly I loved it ! Great place to go to at least one time.

25th SlayDay 👑 / HAPPY NEW YEAR

Another year has past & I had an awesome Birthday !!!!! I promise to blog much more this year & give it my all! I will be posting more about my style, my travel expeditions, delicious food spots, & good reads (definitely going to be reading a lot more) ! Here’s to another Great year, I pray for health, success, wealth & amazing accomplishments.

Luckily for my birthday I was able to get this beautiful jumpsuit from my job, courtesy of Jovani Fashions. Jovani is way too expensive for my none existing pockets, so I was very grateful for this loan. I found this mini fake Gucci ZARA bag that I searched high & low for. My Fleeky lipstick is from Ka’oir Cosmetics, costed me a pretty penny. I have been wanting to try out Ka’oir lipsticks for a while now, so I decided to purchase the ‘Show N Tell’ glitzstick. My shoes are from BCBGeneration (DSW) & my jewelry is from F21 & 34th wholesalers. Looking like A Billion bucks & all I really spent was $250.00 *Snaps & Twirls*

Click here to purchase Ka’oir Glitter Stick! 

Click to purchase Jovani jumpsuit!

My Zara bag is unfortunately sold out! Here is the link to my BCBGENERATION shoes!