230 Fifth & Tao Downtown

My fab 25th was on December 27th & my besties decided to surprise me & take me to 250 Fifth. I had no clue where I was going. Walking into the establishments I felt like I was inside of a hotel. The elevator had a vibrant violet light which caused for a perfect selfie moment. I’ve seen this place on Facebook & I was very pleased with the results. I kept it simple with a classic well done burger & it was to die for😋. The meat was very juicy & the brioche bun was nice & soft. I am reliving the moment as I type. The demeanor of the restaurant reminded me of the fancy nightclub, with abstract couches & high rise views. The seating arangments were very cool & unique. There was even heated igloos on the rooftop. I would defiantly go back to this restaurant.

I had my birthday dinner at Tao Downtown & it was very good ! At Tao I felt like I was at a very upscale club/restaurant. Loved the Asian sculptures and grand staircase. Everyone got the Pan Thai dish which had tofu & mushrooms in it. Surprisingly I loved it ! Great place to go to at least one time.


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