A Great Lost for America………

This election will go down in America’s history for sure. I woke up today in a gloomy mood, no urge to go to work & pretend to be delightful. Donald Trump will be next President of the United States…….do I really want to say that out loud. It’s a grief-stricken fact that he will be in the White House in just a few weeks. How can anyone vote for a bigot, sexist, racist, homophobic dirty bastard like Donald Trump. We can’t even blame the individuals that didn’t vote because Hilary won the popular vote……the ELECTORAL COLLEGE wanted Trump so we got Trump.

“The Electoral College system was established to ensure regional balance,”….WHERE???

We have to always remind ourselves that we are Great no matter what is thrown at us. We have survived oppression in many forms before; slavery , police dogs, segregation, the prison system, and police brutally.  We are fighters this is what we do, we still live in a land where there is freedom of speech and we can create our own Dreams and turn them into realities. This too shall pass.


It's beyond satire': The Simpsons predicted Donald would become US President 16 years ago with an episode called Bart To The Future


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