Jacob’s Pickles 

Jacob’s Pickles was unbelievably excellent !!! All I thought about the next morning was how much I wanted to eat my left overs, Fat girl problems or What?

As an appetizer, my table & I agreed on ordering the “Poutine.”I had no clue on what that consisted of, but I was open to try it. I can best describe “Poutine,” as a mountain load of French Fries.That melts in your mouth & was smothered in gravy & lots of cheese. For dinner I had the St. Louis Ribs. SOOOO, SOOOOO GOODDDDDDD!!!!!!!! My beef ribs were very tender & juicy. Falling all off the bone just how I love ’em. *I normally stick to pork ribs* The St. Louis Ribs were served with German styled creamy garlic flavor mash potatoes. As a consumed my delicious plate, I sipped on about three maybe four “Jam Jars,” which were sweet with a small sour kick.

You MUST try this place out if you haven’t all ready !! Enjoy !!


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