I sure do love me some superb food! New Orleans had some very ideal spots to try. After chatting with a few locals, my crew and I made the decision to try the following spots out:

  1. Cafe Du Mode
  2. Waffle House
  3. Basin
  4. Pat O’Brian
  5. Oceana

I had a few other meals at some not so great places so I felt that they were unnecessary to include in my blog post. Hope you guys enjoy!

Cafe Du Monde

The Infamous Beignets !!!!! I had to get these when I was in NOLA. It was like a must or my trip would have supposedly been pointless as I was told.  Beignets are very sugary overly powdered treats. Basically fried dough with sugar smothered on top. Works well with coffee or tea, I unfortunately don’t care for either so I opted out those choices. These treats are something I wouldn’t crave for all the time, but they’re definitely worth trying.

Waffle House

The Waffle House wasn’t my favorite. The food was very basis, like I should have just made this at my Air bnb. I would recommend going to “Mother’s” instead, that’s what I should have done. *Eye Roll*


I had a very tasty brunch from this lovely spot on Magazine st. The biscuits were okay, but dry….I  was a little disappointed. The chicken was Bomb! Sad thing was I didn’t have enough, another piece would have been awesome. (Y’all know I love me some fried chicken). Wasn’t a huge fan of the egg on top of my chicken but I didn’t complain. The food was very pleasing besides those dry biscuits. (Pictured Above) 🙂

Pat O’Brian

This place was tasty, the set up was also very pleasing. The grill chicken was very fresh and flavorful. This restaurant was in the heart of the French Quarter, I would recommend trying out this restaurant.


Last but not least……OCEANA…….This place of my FAVORITEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good that I had to purchase it again for my flight back to NYC. I had the Chicken & Shrimp Pasta and it was soooo DELICIOUS !! The pasta sauce was very creamy and the noodles packed so much flavor, I just wanted to keep on eating. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, conveniently located in the French Quarter.


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