Last weekend I made a trip up to Albany to see some of my closest friends. My Besties and I are rarely altogether at the same time, so Aisa & I decided to spend the weekend in Albany. Even though one Bestie was M.I.A we had a Great time.

We  party’d it up at Washington Tavern & few other bars. The highlight of my weekend was Sky Zone, the Cheesecake Factory & this super cute brunch spot called Risotto. Check It Our Below!

I Never really ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, normally I just order their famous Cheesecake. Since it was my first time ordering an entree, I kept it safe & went with what I love which is PASTA. I ordered the ‘Faralle with chicken roasted garlic,’ & it was DELICIOUS!!!

I definitely love me a good brunch & Risotto was a great choice. The mimosas weren’t the strongest but they did the job. I had the ‘Chicken & Waffles,’ it was so delectable. The boneless fried chicken was so crispy & the waffle was so fluffy. LOVED IT!!!!