On Thursday, March 30th I attended an art exhibit dedicated to Pop Super Star Divas Beyonce & Rihanna.  Presenting this exhibit during Women’s History Month was a phenomenal idea. I would assume about almost every millennial adores Beyonce & Rihanna….really who doesn’t??? These women are two great powerhouses that shine in their on light & who constantly motivates us to live up to our fullest potential. Those are My BISHES!!!!

There were numerous amount of artist that had their beautiful pieces up for display. Tickets for the one day event started at $20, what a great steal to see some art work & support talented artist. Drinks & treats were also served. I thought it was cute that the drinks were named after the Diva’s popular songs, favorite drink of the night “Desperado.” On top of that there was a glow room, a sex room, & a bashment room. There was even live painting happening  & a dope DJ keeping the party jumping.

Take a Look Below to See some  Beautiful Pieces:


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