Orlando was nothing short of amazing. I traveled to Orlando with a good friend of mine, to visit one of our friends’ that moved from New York last year.

Orlando was so peaceful and airy, nothing like the loud, dog eat dog city we’re so use too. I’ve been to Florida before but it was different this time around. We landed in Orlando Thursday night, we chatted it up and had a small dinner by the pool.

We took a trip down to Universal City Walk on Friday, where we sipped on Fat Tuesday drinks, (if you’re ever in town try the “Eye Candy”) and snapped some photos. After our shoot we ate at “Bubba Gump Shrimp,” and headed back home to get prepared for the night’s festivities. The party scene is endless downtown, so many diverse clubs to choose from. I don’t recall the club my friends and I went into but, I remember the club being overly crowded and hot AF. We decided to cut our night short and get some food at “Waffle House.” Clearly food makes my night.

On Saturday, we had a intimate BBQ by the pool with a couple of friends. We ate good, drank swell and sat in the Jacuzzi. We played a drunk game of “Never Have I Ever,” and took one too much shots of Hennessy. After the BBQ we went to a nightclub called Patio. We nonetheless took full advantage of the dope graffiti wall and once again busted out in a mini photo shoot.

Sunday, we took an hour and a half long trip to Clearwater Beach, which was very long but so worth it. This beach was BEAUTIFUL ! First time I seen white sand in the states…EVER! After getting a mini tan, we went to a seafood restaurant on the Broad walk called “Crabby’s.”

This trip was much needed and definitely strengthened our friendship. Love my Boyfriends! ❤

Take A Look Below To See All The Fun I Had ❤


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