romphim-700x350.jpgHow do we feel about this latest ‘trend’ that just popped up all over social media last week…….

1. FYI, this isn’t a new trend! Men have been wearing jumpsuits/ all-in-ones, for some time now. Not sure why people were acting as such.

2. I’m all for this look! I do believe that it takes a certain type of man to rock this look. A man with style and pizzazz.

3. I understand the reasoning behind people thinking this is too “feminine” for a man to be wearing or in general it is ‘childish’. To me, there isn’t anything wrong with men wearing rompers. If you want to rock it try it out….and like Jay-Z said: “It ain’t for everybody.”

4.   For the homophobic out there, REALITY CHECK most gay men have created some of the best trends/garments that many of us love to run to the stores and stand in line for. This term “RomperHIM” needs not to be a term…….”Romper” is simple enough.

Closing Statment: I much rather see this on the streets than this…..

THIS👍🏾                         THAN                            THIS👎🏾

Continue scroll to see some cool Rompers.

NFL Football player Cam Newton rocked this Romper during Coachella.DAStWYFWsAEoi2h.jpg-large.jpeg

Let’s Not Forget the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin has always been rocking his khaki romper. DAWrGdiUQAAQLUS.jpg-large.jpeg

Remember when Lebron James dressed up as Martin in a romper for Halloween. C_9ed24UwAIAWNE.jpg

Click on the Links below if you’re Interested in this look.

  1. Agender                                            2. ASOS                                        3. NeedSupply


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