In light of Jennifer Lopez’s new show “World Of Dance,” I wanted to dedicate a post to this multifaceted woman. What a timeless beauty Ms. Lopez is! Can you believe she will be 48 years old in July………….I REPEAT 48 and clearly, she can scoop up anybodies man.

Jennifer Lynn Lopez was born and raised in my hometown the Bronx, New York. Some of us may have forgotten but Jennifer Lopez first appeared on the scene as a dancer. In 1990 she won a national competition, which earned her a spot as one of the “Fly Girls,” on “In Living Color.

NBC’s “World Of Dance,” is a perfect match for Jennifer Lopez. She has lived the struggle of being a dancer, she understands the obstacles that dancers face on a daily. This outlet is allowing her to give back to the dance community, which she holds close to her heart. In an article I found on she explains:

“This is about creating opportunities for people.” She adds, “I love dance such at a core level and I always consider myself a dancer first because I became a singer and an actress after. That was my first form of artistic expression. It’s so part of who I am.”

It’s beautiful to see Celebrities using their platform to help artist break into the industry. Even with all of the opportunities, we have at our fingertips today. Celebrities still understand the battles many artist face.

Take a look below to see the evolution of Jennifer’s style over the years. Which is close to three decades…WOW!


Image result for fly girl jennifer lopez

1996 – 2010

Image result for fly girl jennifer lopeztumblr_ooeorw9Sq61vc5zsdo1_1280.jpgtumblr_opcemqmNPZ1vc5zsdo1_500.jpgtumblr_ojil2gFXcN1ttbhk6o1_1280.jpgtumblr_oq1ypb4Bln1vfhxw7o1_1280.pngImage result for jennifer lopez 2010Image result for jennifer lopez 2006Image result for jennifer lopez 2007Related imageRelated image


Image result for jennifer lopez 2011Related imageImage result for jennifer lopez 2012Image result for jennifer lopez 2013tumblr_oqhdefMV3L1vvl0qpo1_1280.jpg


Image result for jennifer lopez american music awards 2015Image result for jennifer lopez 2015Related imageImage result for jennifer lopez  2017tumblr_op3hk8PsQN1vg5p67o1_1280.jpgImage result for jennifer lopez 2017


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