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Shiona Turini is one of my favorite people in the fashion industry to follow. Not to mention she is good friends with Solange Knowles who I absolutely adore! Shiona has many titles including fashion consultant, stylist, editor, writer and brand ambassador.  Shiona is one hard working woman that has her hands in all things fashion. Over the years she has worked for some of the most prestigious publications. Shiona has worked with brands such as Christian Dior, Salvatore Ferragamo,  NIKE, and Louis Vuitton, to list a few. She has done lots of work with Solange including the visuals for her latest album “A Seat At The Table.” Let’s not forget Beyonce’s epic “Formation” video, Yup that was Shinoa too. Here is a little background on Ms. Shiona Turini:

Shiona Turini was born and raised in Bermuda. She started her fashion career in New York City at Yves Saint Laurent. She basically forced them to give her a job by showing up multiple times until they took her on as an intern… about persistent. She worked in the press department for three years until a Public Relations assistant position opened up and they hired her.

After working with Yves Saint Laurent for three years, Shinoa received interested from W magazine. With that offer, she switched to the editorial side of the industry. She worked as an accessories editor for W magazine for about three years, then moved to Teen Vogue as a accessories director. From Teen Vogue, Shinoa worked with CR Fashion Book for the first few three issues. Shinoa was the marketing and beauty director and also creating original content for the website. After CR Fashion Book she worked as a fashion marketing director for  Cosmopolitan Magazine. Soon after Shinoa decided that she had gained enough experience in the industry to work for herself, and that’s what she did.

When Shinoa first started in freelance she wanted to create content for different publications and brands. She gets to use many aspects of her background on different projects with clients. Shinoa is not represented by any agency so all of her projects and collaborations come from past relationships, goes to show you how important NETWORKING and RELATIONSHIPS are in the industry. Shinoa Turini has definitely affirmed her expertise on everything fashion.



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