Lolo’s Seafood Shack is located in Harlem on 116th & Frederick Douglass Boulevard. Seen a couple people post about this place so I decided to try it out. Since I am infatuated with coconut shrimp I ordered that and garlic fries. My order was only $10.00, which is awesome but I was a bit disappointed that I couldn’t order an extra side of shrimp. The coconut shrimp was satisfying…nothing to brag about. The garlic fries had a great kick to them, which made my meal worthwhile. Not too sure if I would go back to this place…..wasn’t pleased with the idea of paying for my meal before it was served to me. Reminded me more of a fast-food restaurant. Lolo’s seafood shack was vibrant and colorful which was appealing but not very spacious. Overall this restaurant is worth trying….at least once.

Scroll down to see my OOTD & my plate.


Top: H&M        Bottom: Urban Outfitters         Bag: Zara         Accessory: Top Shop


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