What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about Tracee Ellis Ross? The first thing that pops in my head is her radiant smile and luscious locs. I first noticed Tracee when she played Joan in the 2000s sitcom “Girlfriends.” Tracee Ellis Ross has hosted numerous of shows during the past years, which is where I witnessed her corkiness and charm. This year Tracee has earned a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an Actress in a Musical/ Comedy for her role in “Blackish.”

Let me touch base on her style. Tracee has always been into clothing and you can thank her mother Ms. Diana Ross for that. Imagine growing up with Diana Ross as your mother….all of those beautiful clothes and accessories. Tracee consistently serves us firey looks on the red carpet, thanks to her team of stylist and of course her creative touch. Even her casual style is impeccable, and she proudly makes it known which looks she had creative control over. Tracee style is vibrant, fun, bold, and ethereal. Can you believe she is 44 years old? LIKEEEEE WOW! There was some buzz this week when the idea occurred about Ms. Ross playing Ms. Frizzle in a live production of The Magic School Bus. Tracee would give me so much life as Ms. Frizzle!!!!!!!! LET’S MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! Take a look below to see some of her recent looks.

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 1.17.55 AM.png


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.28.07 PM

Michael Kors Suit, Jimmy Choo Clutch, Louboutin Heels

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.27.19 PM

Bally’s Suit, Dior Top, Manolo Blahnik Boots

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.27.03 PM


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.22.03 PM

Duro Olowu

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.27.58 PM

Vintage Rossie Assoulin dress, Giuseppe Zanotti Heels, Lee Savage Clutch

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.26.51 PM


Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.02.05 PM

Victoria Beckham

Screen Shot 2017-07-15 at 1.23.36 AM.png

Rodarte Elsa Chiaparelli

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.01.47 PM

Zuhair Murad

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.32.36 PM

Roksanda Ilincic

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.33.44 PM

Jenny Packham

Screen Shot 2017-07-10 at 10.19.35 PMScreen Shot 2017-07-15 at 1.15.25 AM.png


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