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CurlFest is known as the ultimate celebration of natural hair. This event is all about embracing your natural curls and empowering one another. CurlFest had over 50 vendors selling beauty products, fashion apparel and accessories. It is very important to have a space where us curly girls are represented. For years black women were conditioned with the idea that our natural hair was too nappy or not presentable for the work place. We need more of these event to empowerment future Queens and really celebrate our BEAUTY!

This was the 4th Annual CurlFest event and my first time in attendance. There were so many beautiful people serving all types of stylish looks. Fros of all sizes were in formation, and of course, the outfits were very impressive. This was a all day event located at Prospect Park in Brooklyn, New York. Believe me, you need to get to this event EARLY so you can beat the long lines. Unfortunately, I had no patience to stand in lines all afternoon but I did have enough to wait in line for some Jerk Chicken. That Jerk Chicken was SLAMMING, never tasted anything so fresh and flavorful in my life!!!!!!!

Take a look below to see some amateur shots taken by myself and a few professional ones.



Photo by Mark Clennon


Photo by Mark Clennon
Photo by Mark Clennon


Photo by Mark Clennon
Photo by Mark Clennon
Photo by Mark Clennon
Photo by Mark Clennon




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