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In preparation for my 26th Birthday (12/27), I decided to take a mini girls trip to DR for 6 days & 5 nights. My vacation was AMAZING!! I still can’t get off from the high. The Majestic Mirage was everything plus more. Our Butler Samuel was always there for any questions and concerns we had and even had a surprise set up in my room. We went on three excursions for the price of $139. We traveled out to Alta Gracia to ride buggies. After that, we trooped through the forest to get to a natural lake. The water was freezing I didn’t do too much swimming. The view was breathtaking.

The food on the resort wasn’t the greatest but it wasn’t bad. Everything was very Americanized which wasn’t surprising. My favorite restaurants were the hibachi and steakhouse. The resort had two foam parties which were FREAKIN’ AWESOME! Every night around 9 pm the resort’s staff would have a performance. I really felt like I was at a dedicated concert for Rock n Roll artist. About three nights during our stay we went to the resorts hottest club called Coco Disco. This whole trip was such an awesome experience, I am so blessed to have shared it with my two best friends. ❤

I definitely recommend visiting DR at least once in your lifetime. The Majestic Mirage is also an A+ hotel.

Take a look below!

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Steak & Potatosimg_3356.jpg

Salmon & Vegetable Rice 

King Crab Cake img_3357.jpg

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Last weekend I had the pleasure of attending Jay Z’s 2-day annual music festival. Since I am a loyal customer of Tidal and Sprint I received two tickets for free 99! YOU KNOW I WAS HYPED AF! This was a huge festival equipped with a Ferris wheel, photo booths, food, prizes and an endless supply of Budweiser beer. There were multiple stages and over 50 artists from different genres selected personally by Jay Z to perform.

Walking into the festival was a little overwhelming with the large crowds and arrows pointing you in the wrong direction. Not to mention how badly it was pouring. Luckily I knew there would be heavy rain so I purchased a poncho. I was elated to see my beautiful soul Sista Solange perform, pouring rain and all. She sang all my favorites songs such as “Losing You,” & “Tony”. I missed J. Cole’s performance because my friends couldn’t handle the rain which was understandable. We ended the night at a fancy Cuban restaurant called Alma de Cuba. I had the delicious “Vaca Frita,” which is a skirt steak with white rice and black beans.

In the morning we had breakfast at Denny’s then headed to the festival around 2:30. I was super thankful that it didn’t rain as much on Sunday as it did on Saturday. At the festival, I saw Tiwa Savage, Pusha T, 21 Savage, Chainsmokers and the greatest rapper of all time Jay Z perform. Mr. Carter ended the night with an 1 hour and 30 min set. After we thought he ended his set with a tribute to Linkin Park’s Chester Bennington, he surprised everyone by popping up at a completely different stage to close the night with Philly’s very own Meek Mills.

Made in America was my first festival and it was an amazing experience. I would defiantly go to this festival again. Even in the rain…..maybe not. HEHE. Take a look below to view some flicks!


Please don’t ask, “why did I wear white sneakers?”

Tiwa SavageIMG_1758.JPG

Pusha Timg_1469

21 Savageimg_1471.png


Jay ZIMG_1887.JPGIMG_1902.JPG


Alma De Cubaimg_1381-1.jpg

Vaca Frita & Platinos 




Orlando was nothing short of amazing. I traveled to Orlando with a good friend of mine, to visit one of our friends’ that moved from New York last year.

Orlando was so peaceful and airy, nothing like the loud, dog eat dog city we’re so use too. I’ve been to Florida before but it was different this time around. We landed in Orlando Thursday night, we chatted it up and had a small dinner by the pool.

We took a trip down to Universal City Walk on Friday, where we sipped on Fat Tuesday drinks, (if you’re ever in town try the “Eye Candy”) and snapped some photos. After our shoot we ate at “Bubba Gump Shrimp,” and headed back home to get prepared for the night’s festivities. The party scene is endless downtown, so many diverse clubs to choose from. I don’t recall the club my friends and I went into but, I remember the club being overly crowded and hot AF. We decided to cut our night short and get some food at “Waffle House.” Clearly food makes my night.

On Saturday, we had a intimate BBQ by the pool with a couple of friends. We ate good, drank swell and sat in the Jacuzzi. We played a drunk game of “Never Have I Ever,” and took one too much shots of Hennessy. After the BBQ we went to a nightclub called Patio. We nonetheless took full advantage of the dope graffiti wall and once again busted out in a mini photo shoot.

Sunday, we took an hour and a half long trip to Clearwater Beach, which was very long but so worth it. This beach was BEAUTIFUL ! First time I seen white sand in the states…EVER! After getting a mini tan, we went to a seafood restaurant on the Broad walk called “Crabby’s.”

This trip was much needed and definitely strengthened our friendship. Love my Boyfriends! ❤

Take A Look Below To See All The Fun I Had ❤


I sure do love me some superb food! New Orleans had some very ideal spots to try. After chatting with a few locals, my crew and I made the decision to try the following spots out:

  1. Cafe Du Mode
  2. Waffle House
  3. Basin
  4. Pat O’Brian
  5. Oceana

I had a few other meals at some not so great places so I felt that they were unnecessary to include in my blog post. Hope you guys enjoy!

Cafe Du Monde

The Infamous Beignets !!!!! I had to get these when I was in NOLA. It was like a must or my trip would have supposedly been pointless as I was told.  Beignets are very sugary overly powdered treats. Basically fried dough with sugar smothered on top. Works well with coffee or tea, I unfortunately don’t care for either so I opted out those choices. These treats are something I wouldn’t crave for all the time, but they’re definitely worth trying.

Waffle House

The Waffle House wasn’t my favorite. The food was very basis, like I should have just made this at my Air bnb. I would recommend going to “Mother’s” instead, that’s what I should have done. *Eye Roll*


I had a very tasty brunch from this lovely spot on Magazine st. The biscuits were okay, but dry….I  was a little disappointed. The chicken was Bomb! Sad thing was I didn’t have enough, another piece would have been awesome. (Y’all know I love me some fried chicken). Wasn’t a huge fan of the egg on top of my chicken but I didn’t complain. The food was very pleasing besides those dry biscuits. (Pictured Above) 🙂

Pat O’Brian

This place was tasty, the set up was also very pleasing. The grill chicken was very fresh and flavorful. This restaurant was in the heart of the French Quarter, I would recommend trying out this restaurant.


Last but not least……OCEANA…….This place of my FAVORITEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So good that I had to purchase it again for my flight back to NYC. I had the Chicken & Shrimp Pasta and it was soooo DELICIOUS !! The pasta sauce was very creamy and the noodles packed so much flavor, I just wanted to keep on eating. I would definitely recommend this restaurant, conveniently located in the French Quarter.


My visit to New Orleans was much needed. This city is so beyond beautiful, I can actually see myself living in NOLA. I walked all over Magazine, Bourbon, Charters , & Decatur street.  This city had so much life on every corner, it was very hard not to lose track of time. The art was breath taking the people were so friendly and outgoing. The food was tasty (will be posting a full list of everything I consumed after this post). Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to visit all of the museums that I wanted to due to time, but the street art that I ran into was amazing! NOLA is just an awesome place to relax and turn all the way up. I found so much peace in this gorgeous city. Check out some of my flicks below ❤

Bahamas 2016

This past week I took a Slaycation to the Bahamas for one of my best friends birthday. 5 days & 4 nights just wasn’t enough time. The weather was soooo amazing I didn’t want to come back to NYC. We stayed at the Atlantis which was my first time staying at a resort. I went to the casino and only spent $5…I won $2…LOL I wasn’t trying to lose any of my money. The water park was so much fun I felt like a little kid again….scraping up my elbows & knee. It was definitely worth it! The Bohemian people were so friendly & welcoming…..sometimes a little too friendly (If you get what i’m saying). The water was so clear NEVER seen water so blue! I seen all kinds of marine life while snorkeling…once I heard there was a stingray I WAS OUT OF THERE!!!!!! We partied it up on a cruise that took us around Paradise island…seeing all the extravagant mansions. This trip was so amazing!! Now back to working my 9-6 and blogging my life away. This trip gave me more motivation to travel the world and continue to grind so I that can enjoy my life. Hope you enjoy the pictures below of my SLAYCATION!