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So as we know I celebrate my birthday for the entire month lol. On Saturday I went to view the Louis Vuitton exhibit down in the financial district with a couple of my friends. Being a fashion fanatic I wasn’t going to miss this exhibit which is only showing until January 7th.

This exhibit was titled VOLEZ,VOGUEZ,VOYAGEZ, which in French means Fly, Sail, Travel. Fun fact, since I was younger I’ve always wanted a Louis Vuitton trunk. I still want one and I’m going to get it…as soon as I have $25,000 to spear.

As you walk into the exhibit you are greeted with the history of Louis Vuitton and a beautiful luggage from the 1900s. Along the path of the exhibit was the history of Louis Vuitton and his start as a box maker in 1835. I loved this exhibit definitely something everyone the admires Louis Vuitton brand should try to make. Also, there are multiple photo opportunities to take advance of.

Take a look below:


1890 LabelsIMG_3559img_3549.jpgIMG_3556IMG_3560

Luggage Labels 1860IMG_3561IMG_3557IMG_3603


Shoe Trunk 1926IMG_3567IMG_3568

Shoe Trunk 1912img_3569.jpgIMG_3570IMG_3631IMG_3619IMG_3626IMG_3627IMG_3576IMG_3574IMG_3571

Photo Op! fullsizeoutput_c96IMG_3617IMG_3615Marc Jacobs Creative Direction 2004IMG_3616

My Vest, Turtle Neck Sweater & Boots are from Polo Ralph Lauren. My black Jeans are from Fashion Nova.Screen Shot 2018-01-04 at 9.18.56 PM.pngIMG_3605


On my recent museum visit I went to the Milk Gallery to see Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew ‘s “The Real Buy” exhibit. Luckily I stumbled across a post on Instagram about this and was able to attend the last day. This gallery was full of eye-catching pieces, collaborative apparel, and a car installation filled with Gucci Ghost luxury accessories. I had an awesome time taking flicks and viewing the beautiful pieces.  Keep scrolling to see some pics.




On Friday, I went to the Metropolitan Museum of Art to check out the Rei Kawakubo/Comme Des Garcons: Art of the In- Between Exhibit. This exhibit examines nine expressions of  Kawakubo “in- betweenness.”  Before visiting this exhibit, I had my idea/interpretations on the term ‘Avant Garde,’ but after viewing this exhibit I truly understand the meaning behind the pharse. This exhibit was so beautifully executed, one of the best the I’ve seen so far. This was an exquisite piece of work & I would recommend everyone to visit this exhibit.

Take a look below to see some of the pieces & a few qutoes from Rei Kawakubo.

“My clothes and the spaces they inhabit are inseparable – they are one and the same. They convey the same vision, the same message and the same sense of values.” – 2017


“I wasn’t limited to the confines of a pattern, Not being educated, not being taught how to design, U was able to visualize in a completeky different context. And I still seem able to draw upon the unconventional.” – 1993


“Fashion is not art. You sell art to one person. Fashion comes in a series and it is a more social phenomenon.” – 1998


“There’s vaule in bad taste.” -2008


“The right head of my brain likes tradition and history, the left wants to break the rules.” – 2005


” I am not protesting against fashion. This is something else, another direction.” – 1983


“Personally, I don’t care about function at all…When I hear ‘where could you wear that?’ or ‘it’s not very wearable,’ or ‘who wouldwear that” to me it’s just a sign that someone missed the point.” – 2013


“I want to rethink the body, so the body and the dress become one.” – 1997


“From the beginning, I dispensed with any preconceived notions about Western and Eastern social mores and cultures, as all thes things are irrelevant to my world…I deliberately cast away all questions of upbringing, nationality, sociology ad the like.” – 2011



On Thursday, March 30th I attended an art exhibit dedicated to Pop Super Star Divas Beyonce & Rihanna.  Presenting this exhibit during Women’s History Month was a phenomenal idea. I would assume about almost every millennial adores Beyonce & Rihanna….really who doesn’t??? These women are two great powerhouses that shine in their on light & who constantly motivates us to live up to our fullest potential. Those are My BISHES!!!!

There were numerous amount of artist that had their beautiful pieces up for display. Tickets for the one day event started at $20, what a great steal to see some art work & support talented artist. Drinks & treats were also served. I thought it was cute that the drinks were named after the Diva’s popular songs, favorite drink of the night “Desperado.” On top of that there was a glow room, a sex room, & a bashment room. There was even live painting happening  & a dope DJ keeping the party jumping.

Take a Look Below to See some  Beautiful Pieces:


Last week Thursday I went to check out an exhibit at FIT’s museum. I heard that FIT will be having a black fashion designers exhibit through fashionista.com so I had to check it out! If you’re in the New York City area this exhibit will be showing until mid May. This exhibit had designers from Tracy Reese, Laquan Smith, Shane Oliver, Jeffrey Holder to Patrick Kelly & Edward Wilkinson. Very interesting & timeless pieces! You must check out this history & culture.

MANUS X MACHINA: In An Age Of Technology

This past weekend I went to go check out the Manus X Machina exhibit at the MET. To say this costume exhibit was amazing would be an understatement. So much to just stand back and “Awe” at. There were Haute Couture gowns from Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Louis Vuitton, and many more. Pieces were hand sewn as well as machine sewn. Material such as silicone, straws, and rubber were use to execute some of these designs. Check out some of this pieces on display! Only pictured a few didn’t want to show everything. Must check this out if you are in NYC…on display from May – August.

House of Chanel Autumn/ Winter 2016

3-D printed “quilted” black/white  polyamide overlay by Materialise, hand- stitched black/ white pearls.

Valentino Spring/ Summer 2016

Machine- sewn black machine- made lace and silk tulle, hand-sewn and hand riveted with strips of fringed black leather.


Iris van Herpen

“Patent-leather dress. Laser cut dress.”


Sarah Burton

“Bonded laser cut patent leather tulle. Tulle was covered in hand-cut lace appliques.”


Iris van Herpen

“3-D printed using stereolithography. Built layer by layer in a vessel f liquid polymer. Technique allows for more texture and transparency.”

Hussein Chalayan

Pierre Cardin

“Synthetic material created in a factory in Lyon. To create patterns, pressed the fabric between two metal molds.”

Noa Raviv

Ensemble 2013 – 3-D printed polymer by stratasys and sewn white synthetic tulle with adhesive applique of laser-cut black polyester twill weave. Skirt: machine- sewn black silk cotton faille, hand finished. 


House of Chanel 

This train……………STUNNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!