On my recent museum visit I went to the Milk Gallery to see Trevor ‘Trouble’ Andrew ‘s “The Real Buy” exhibit. Luckily I stumbled across a post on Instagram about this and was able to attend the last day. This gallery was full of eye-catching pieces, collaborative apparel, and a car installation filled with Gucci Ghost luxury accessories. I had an awesome time taking flicks and viewing the beautiful pieces.  Keep scrolling to see some pics.




The man himself, Daniel Day, aka Dapper Dan, in Gucci's new campaign.

Daniel Day who goes by Dapper Dan was known as Harlem’s tailor back in the 80s. Mr. Day is responsible for “appropriating”  high-end luxury items and creating unique garments. He started off purchasing luxury goods from boosters and created his vision with the help of other tailors. His main clientele were hustlers of Harlem and street thugs. His unique designs reached hip-hop stars after LL Cool J walked into Dapper Dan’s shop one day. He created iconic hip-hop looks for Biggie Smalls, Big Daddy Kane, Bobby Brown, Salt-N-Pepa, Eric B. and Rakim to name a few.

Dapper Dan received an uproar of attention after Mike Tyson press photos were released of him wearing a non-collection Fendi jacket. This aroused the suspicions of copyright lawyers, and designers began to take legal actions. Unfortunately, Dapper Dan was forced to shut down his shop in 1992.

During  Gucci’s cruise collection there was speculation that the fashion house knocked off one of Dapper Dan’s pieces. In 1989 he made a custom puff sleeve jacket with a fur body for Olympic runner Diane Dixon. That same exact concept was seen on Gucci’s runway, the only difference was the use of the Gucci logo on the sleeves. Gucci’s creative director Alessandro Michele explanation was that this was an “homage.” In an article in the New York TImes, he states :

“For me, we can talk about appropriation a lot,” said Mr. Michele this week. “I didn’t put a caption on it because it was so clear. I wanted people to recognize Dapper on the catwalk. It wasn’t appropriation, it was a homage, to me.” – Alessandro Michele 

Dapper Dan wasn’t consulted beforehand and it was a complete shock to him. After the fact, he explained that Michele reached out to him and made a trip to Harlem with the Gucci Team to meet with Mr. Day.  In spite of it, all Gucci and Dapper Dan will be partnering on a capsule collection. Mr. Day is also the model in Gucci’s new tailoring ad campaign and will be opening his “by-appointment studio for custom commissions” store that will open by end of 2017.

I am elated that Dapper Dan will be coming back from underground and returning to the streets of Harlem. Many people aren’t aware of how he influenced a lot of the fashion industry. Now he is getting the recognition that he deserves.

Take a Look Below:

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Spotted! Rapper Cardi B and model Bria Myles was seen is this very similar cut out set. Cardi B’s orange set is from B Donnas and Bria Myles white set is from Eradik Boutique. I’m going to have to go with Bria Myles, she worked this outfit better than Cardi in my opinion. Cardi’s orange hair is too much for this look and her tattoo is also a little distracting.




This past weekend I celebrated my friends 26th Birthday at Harlem’s “Ricardo’s Steakhouse.” I’ve been to Ricardo’s multiple times before and I always leave in total ecstasy. I decided not to be a “Regular Degular” Cardi B’s voice, and not get my usual Fettuccine Alfredo. Instead I opted for the “Ricardo’s Special Patter.” Which included a skirt steak, grilled pork chop, rice, beans, homemade mashed potatoes, and sweet plantains.

This entree was delicious and very fulling for just $26.00. I washed it down with a semi strong “Smoking Gun” for $12.00 which was made of Hennessy, orange juice, and splash of cranberry juice. I will always recommend Ricardo’s Steakhouse. I am highly pleased with the ambiance and the service, a great place for birthday dinners or a night out with Bae.

For dinner I wore a American Apparel burgundy long sleeve top, Paige denim jeans that I cut into shorts since they had a hole in them (innovative) and Public Desire thigh high peep toe boots. I accessorized my look with a chunky Aldo necklace, dollar store hoop earrings and an Urban Outfitter’s black tote.

Take a look below:img_1763.jpg


SPOTTED! Both Tammy Rivera & Dej Loaf were seen in this Diesel AW17 denim jacket retailing at $398.00. Who do you think rocked it best ? I love how Dej Loaf was styled in this complete look. She is giving me a retro feel with her golden bob.. Tammy Rivera on the other hand looks all over the place. I hate everything about her look from the Chanel belt to the electric pink lipstick, she made this whole ensemble look very cheap. Simplicity is key!

Take a look below: